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Big Hitter Blue String Review


2007 Racquet Sports Industry Independent String Test
RSI January 2008 Vol 36 Number 1

Our playtest team gave Unique Big Hitter Blue 17 fantastic scores in three categories important to big hitters. Big Hitter Blue 17’s scores for Spin Potential put it in third place of the 116 strings we’ve playtested for publication. Its scores were also good enough for fourth-place finishes in both Durability and Resistance to Movement. It’s interesting to note that another Unique string, Tourna Poly Big Hitter, is still in first place in Resistance to Movement, and is in second place in Durability. (See the May 2004 issue of RSI for the full playtest report on Tourna Poly Big Hitter.)

Big Hitter Blue’s playing characteristics won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve tried other poly strings containing ether and found you like the way they play better than you like the price, Big Hitter Blue may be just the ticket, costing about half that of its most direct competitor on the market.

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