Tourna Introduces a Grit string with

Nano Particles!

Does your game have Grit? Tourna introduces an innovative new string made with Nano Technology, called Tourna Grit. By combining carbon fiber nano particles with advanced co-poly materials, it leaves the string feeling “gritty” which grabs the ball and imparts massive spin. Tiny strings of graphite less than 10,000 thinner than human hair, yet 100x stronger than steel and 80% lighter make for a very durable string, yet one that is extremely elastic and lively, full of feel and pop. Available in 16g,17g, and 18g sets and reels.

Featuring new

Nano Technology

A completely new development for polyester strings. With 4th generation Co-Poly materials, we blend Carbon Fiber Nano Particles to achieve maximum elasticity, which translates to incredible feel and durability. The materials then undergo thermal processing to bond the Nano Particles to the poly-polyether prior to extrusion.



The Nano Particles make Tourna-Grit extremely elastic, much more than any other poly string on the market. This elasticity imparts incredible "Liveliness", "Feel", and "Pop". The Nano particles also impart a slight "roughness" or "grit" to the string surface, which gives superior spin and extreme directional control. A must string to try!

"I probably played the best I have in 6 months the second time I tried it!"

Male - Baseliner with heavy spin using Head Speed Pro

"I loved this string. This string grabbed the ball very well. It was very easy to feel the ball especially on volleys with this string."

Male - All court player using Babolat Pure Storm

"This string has massive amounts of spin. It is great for the big hitters and one of the best monofilament strings I have used. This string has a good balance of power and control for a monofilament. It wasn’t too stiff and didn’t have too much power for this type of string."

Male - Baseliner with heavy spin using Wilson BLX Pro Open

"The strings were very easy on my arm and I had good control and power."

Male - All court player using Dunlop 5Hundred Tour


From the Makers of Tourna Grip.

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